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Remove a photo

Removes a photo from the authenticated user's list of photos.

Requires Authentication? Yes
Permission Required: MyTradeMeWrite: Maintain your watchlist, answer questions and post comments.
Supported Formats: XML, JSON
Rate Limited? Yes

URL parameters

photoId Integer (required)

The ID of the photo to remove.

file_format Enumeration (required) The format of the response.
xml Serialize responses into XML.
json Serialize responses into JSON.



Status Enumeration

The status of the photo operation.

Failure 0

The photo action was a failure.

Success 1

The photo action was a success.

NotMemberPhoto 2

The photo is not owned by the member.

NotMemberAuction 3

The auction is not owned by the member.

NotFound 4

The auction was not found.

PhotoId Long Integer

The ID of the photo.

Example XML Response (switch to JSON)

<PhotoResponse xmlns="">

Example JSON Response (switch to XML)

  "Status": 0,
  "PhotoId": 123