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Retrieve information about a branding image

Analyse the photo to check whether the photo is a logo or a photo.

HTTP Method: GET
Requires Authentication? Yes
Permission Required: None
Supported Formats: XML, JSON
Rate Limited? Yes

URL parameters

photoId Integer (required)

file_format Enumeration (required) The format of the response.
xml Serialize responses into XML.
json Serialize responses into JSON.



The result of the analysis

LogoAnalysis <LogoAnalysis> or null

The result of the logo anlysis algorithm.

Confidence Number

The confidence that the image is a photo

IsLogo Boolean

Whether the system thinks the image is a logo and not an photo. This is calculated on a pre-determined threshold value. If Confidence is smaller than the threshold value the result will be true

Example XML Response (switch to JSON)

<BrandingImageAnalysis xmlns="">

Example JSON Response (switch to XML)

  "LogoAnalysis": {
    "Confidence": 123.0,
    "IsLogo": false