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Business Rules

These business rules provide guidance on use of the Trade Me API for application features that may be subject to restrictions, despite being technically possible to implement.


Sellers who wish to promote their listings have a number of promotional features available to add to their listing. Any features that have been added will be returned in the search results and listing detail for that listing.

Your application should, as best as possible, respect the intent of each of those features and display the listing or search result accordingly (e.g visually distinguishing "featured" listings, not displaying an image in search results for listings without the Gallery or Gallery+ feature etc...)


The API makes it technically possible to separate positive, negative and neutral feedback, however it is a Trade Me policy that this information only ever be displayed in chronological order, and without filtering.

Your application should not make it possible to filter or alter the order of a member's feedback.

Legal notices

Trade Me requires legal and consumer notices to be displayed in some categories and listing types including where members can bid on, list, or buy items or confirm purchases. The API provides legal notices in these cases, which your application must display to the end user.

For more information on how to implement firearms requirements you can check the implementation documentation, or documentation on the specific endpoints.

Listing expiry

Your app should reflect our site behaviour as regards listing expiry. Usually classified listings will expire on their end date, and auction listings will expire 45 days after their end date. After a listing has expired, no part of it should remain.

The general rule is that if a listing cannot be found on Trade Me directly, your app should not allow that listing (or any part of it) to be found and you shouldn’t retain it.


Questions, answers and comments on listings are designed for the safe exchange of information between the seller and potential buyers or other interested parties. They should not be used for promotional messages or any other message not directly attributable to the interested User.

Your application should not add any comments to listings other than those provided directly by your users.

Data Combining

Our data is not to be combined or presented alongside listings from other sites, or used in data mining, data aggregation systems, price comparison services, or other similar situations where listings are not used to provide an extension of the services Trade Me currently provides. Enriching listing information with the use of map-based or similar services is generally ok (although you'll also need to have gotten all required consents or licenses from the service provider you're using).