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API Reference

Trade Me’s API is partitioned into a number of sections.

Bidding and Buying Methods

These methods allow you to place a bid or purchase an item outright using Buy Now.

Branding Methods

These methods expose member branding related services

Catalogue Methods

Catalogue methods expose general interest data that does not belong to an individual membership, or that is attached to an individual membership but is already publicly available. These methods are GET operations, require no authentication, and do not count towards rate limits.

Document Service Methods

These methods expose document upload, download, and list functionailty to Job applicants

Favourite Methods

These methods allow you to view and save and modify saved searches, categories and sellers for the currently authenticated user.

Fixed Price Offer Methods

These methods allow you to retrieve a list of members you can make a fixed price offer to, as well as make and withdraw a fixed price offer.

Job Agent Methods

These methods expose job agent related endpoints

Jobs Payment Methods

These methods expose jobs payment related endpoints

Listing Enquiries Methods

Methods for enquiries made for a specific listing

Listing Methods

Provides services related to listings.

Membership Methods

Membership catalogue methods allow you to retrieve profile, feedback and listing data for a member.

My Trade Me Methods

These methods expose data and functionality typically accessed from a user’s My Trade Me pages.

Photo Methods

These methods allows photos to be listed, added and removed for the authenticated user.

Ping Methods

These methods expose data and functionality for a user’s Ping account.

Property Agency Methods

Property agency methods for working with offices.

Property Agent Methods

Property agents contract

Search Methods

These methods allow you to search for items on Trade Me.

Selling Methods

These methods allow you to list an item on the site. When selling you can choose to either list and not view the fees that you will be charged, or get a response back to confirm the total fees for the particular listing you are creating.

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