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Get Started

  1. Read our API Overview – provides background information you should familiarise yourself with before started with your integration. When you start receiving errors from our servers, the answer will be found in this section.

  2. Read our API Reference – this is where you'll find a list of the operations supported by our API, their authentication requirements, parameters, sample responses and code snippets.

  3. Register your application with us. This only takes a few seconds, and provides you with unique consumer keys that let us know where the API calls are coming from. When thinking about what your application will do you should consider:

    • Will it only read information from Trade Me?
    • Will it read My Trade Me information (Items I'm selling, Sold items, Member ledger information etc)?
    • Will it write information to Trade Me?
    • Does your idea enhance the experience of Trade Me buyers and sellers, and does it fit within the business rules?
  4. Read the Terms & Conditions for Developers. The API can be a powerful tool, and to paraphrase Uncle Ben from Spiderman - with great power comes great responsibility.

  5. Get creative! We've opened up the API to let you techy guys and gals out there to build cool things for our Trade Me members.

Remember if you have any problems we can help with, you can always email our development team with any questions at