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Gets all branding image details associated with an authenticated user

Returns a list of branding images associated with a member. The response includes the Url to the branding images.

HTTP Method: GET
Requires Authentication? Yes
Permission Required: MyTradeMeRead: Read your membership & listing data.
Supported Formats: XML, JSON
Rate Limited? Yes

URL parameters

memberId Integer (required)

file_format Enumeration (required) The format of the response.
xml Serialize responses into XML.
json Serialize responses into JSON.



List of all branding images with their details

PageSize Integer

The number of results in the current page.

List Collection of <BrandingImageDetails> or null

A list of the results in the current page.

Example XML Response (switch to JSON)

<GetBrandingImagesResponse xmlns="">
    <BrandingImageDetails />
    <BrandingImageDetails />

Example JSON Response (switch to XML)

  "PageSize": 123,
  "List": [