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Save a category to your favourites

Saves a category to the currently authenticated user's list of favourite categories.

Requires Authentication? Yes
Permission Required: MyTradeMeWrite: Maintain your watchlist, answer questions and post comments.
Supported Formats: XML, JSON
Rate Limited? Yes

URL parameters

file_format Enumeration (required) The format of the response.
xml Serialize responses into XML.
json Serialize responses into JSON.



Email Enumeration (required)

The frequency that emails should be sent.

None 0

No emails are sent.

Daily 1

An email is sent every day.

Every3Days 3

An email is sent each third day.

Weekly 7

An email is sent every week.

CategoryId Integer (required)

The ID of the category to save. This must be a leaf category.



Details of the saved favourite, including the ID.

SearchId Integer

The ID of the saved favourite.

Response String or null

A description of the error, if the operation failed.

Saved Boolean

Indicates whether the favourite was saved.

FavouriteType Enumeration

Indicates what type of favourite was saved.

None 0


Category 1


Search 3

General search

AttributeSearch 4

Attributed search

Seller 6


Example XML Request (switch to JSON)

<SaveCategoryRequest xmlns="">

Example JSON Request (switch to XML)

  "Email": 0,
  "CategoryId": 123

Example XML Response (switch to JSON)

<SavedFavouriteResponse xmlns="">

Example JSON Response (switch to XML)

  "SearchId": 123,
  "Response": "ABC",
  "Saved": false,
  "FavouriteType": 0