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Withdraw an auction or classified

Withdraw a listing from Trade Me for either being sold or unsold.

Requires Authentication? Yes
Permission Required: MyTradeMeWrite: Maintain your watchlist, answer questions and post comments.
Supported Formats: XML, JSON
Rate Limited? Yes

URL parameters

file_format Enumeration (required) The format of the response.
xml Serialize responses into XML.
json Serialize responses into JSON.



ListingId Long Integer (required)

The ID of the listing that is being withdrawn, relisted or extended.

ReturnListingDetails Boolean (optional)

Indicates whether full listing details should be returned in the Listing field.

Type Enumeration (required)

Indicates whether this withdrawl request is for a listing that sold or not.

ListingWasSold 1

The item was sold.

ListingWasNotSold 2

The item didn't sell.

Reason String (optional)

The reason for withdrawing the listing, if the listing has not sold. Max 255 characters.

SalePrice Number (optional)

The amount the listing sold for, if the listing has sold.



Success Boolean

Indicates whether the operation was successful.

Description String or null

The description of the error, if the operation failed.

ListingId Long Integer

The ID of the listing.

Listing <ListedItemDetail> or null

The state of the listing, after the listing operation has successfully completed. This field is only present if the ReturnListingDetails parameter is true and the operation was successful. This field will also be missing if there was an error retrieving the listing details. For more information on this field, see the documentation for the listing details API.

(This type is defined elsewhere)

Example XML Request (switch to JSON)

<WithdrawRequest xmlns="">

Example JSON Request (switch to XML)

  "ListingId": 123,
  "ReturnListingDetails": false,
  "Type": 1,
  "Reason": "ABC",
  "SalePrice": 123.0

Example XML Response (switch to JSON)

<ListingResponse xmlns="">
  <Listing> ... </Listing>

Example JSON Response (switch to XML)

  "Success": false,
  "Description": "ABC",
  "ListingId": 123,
  "Listing": { ... }